Journalists and anthropologists share a similar DNA. Their work centers on going out into the world, talking to people, understanding an event from multiple perspectives, documenting the explicit and implicit, and then wrestling with what it all means through the act of storytelling, whether that’s a written, visual, or spoken piece.

My work as a non-fiction writer and audio/visual storyteller is rooted in my identity as an anthropologist. I focus on culture, travel, emerging trends, and social issues. I just can’t help myself – wherever I go, I look and listen for stories, and want to capture and share them.

I write for magazines, host my own podcast, photograph the world around me, and am the founder of a socio-political blog. Please visit my other little corners of the online world to see and hear more:  for my published magazine articles for my podcast about a blue state girl’s adventures in the heart of Trump’s America for my socio-political writing

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Photo: LiAnne Yu