Literary Work

I write fiction, poetry and personal essays. My writing often taps into themes specific to who I am: a Gen X Asian American coming of age during New Wave, MTV and trickle-down Reaganism, raised by immigrant parents in San Francisco, educated in the (ironically) very out of touch world of academic anthropology, shaped by the analog era (AAA maps! Public phone booths!) and now passing as a digital native with a pseudo-Silicon Valley career. 

My poetry won first place in the 2022 Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards, and I was named a Fall/Winter 2021 Editorial Resident at the Seventh Wave, an arts and literary nonprofit.

I’m currently working on my first novel, Chasing Margaret Mead, as well as a collection of prose poems, For Gen Us. For Us. 

Some of my most recent published writing:

“How to Deprogram a Parent in 7 Easy Steps”– a personal essay about how my elderly, immigrant mom became obsessed with far right wing media…And what I did about it. Published by the Seventh Wave.

“TV was my family’s universal translator” – a personal essay about growing up with a family that didn’t really talk to each other – except when the TV was on. Published in the New York Times.

“Bones” – a poem co-written with the extraordinary writer, Lydia Kim, about the fraught relationship our immigrant mothers taught us to have with our bodies, desire and food. Published in POIESIS.

Find more of my literary work at Anthrolicious.