I have a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from UC San Diego and a BA in Asian Studies from UC Berkeley, and have lived and worked in China, Japan and Vietnam. My academic publications include:

Consumption in China (Polity Press 2014)

“China, the Emerging Consumer Power” in Routledge Handbook on Consumption (Routledge: 2017)

I apply my background in global ethnography and qualitative research to my work as a Consumer Insights freelance consultant, working for clients including: Netflix, Lyft, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Under Armour, Descente, Nickelodeon, Motorola, eBay, Coursera, Kohler, Barnes and Noble, and the CDC.

Areas I’ve done extensive consumer research around: AI, mobile tech, social media, health+wellness, education and entertainment. I’ve had the privilege of spending time with such a variety of communities, including tweens obsessed with Snapchat, South Chicago men with basketball dreams, SoulCycle fashionistas, senior citizens in China hanging out at IKEA for fun, students in India working out of internet cafes, and illiterate fishermen living out on the Louisiana bayou.

My toolkit of remote and in-person research methods includes:
* Ethnography
* Digital Ethnography
* Participatory design
* Focus Groups
* One on one in-depth interviews
* Usability Testing

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